Charles Gibling
0421 850 288
Leonie Nichols
0487  231 545
Peter Argent
0428 190 180
Jeanette Berry 
0409 821 548
Dave Robison
0429 831 223
Mr K Almond
Mr C Macleod

Become a Member

The Blackbutt Agricultural Show Society welcomes new members who must be nominated by two current financial members and accepted by the Show Society. Application forms are available from the Secretary. 

Membership Fees are $15.00 per member and are due on September 1st each year.

Members are entitles to vote at General Meetings and have free admission to
The Blackbutt Show for themselves and their children. 

Honorary Life Members

Mr L Almond 
Mr K Ludke
Mr B Bidgood
Mr W Scott
Mrs K Nolan
Mrs J Olzard
Mr T Hart
Mr R Beetham
Mr I Cavanough 
Mrs E Scott
Mrs AM Muller
Mrs E Cavanough
Mrs G Almond
Mr & Mrs RA Bowman
Mr & Mrs DC Morgenstern
Mrs RC Bidgood
Mr B Nolan
Mr & Mrs B Bidgood
Mrs G Almond
Mr K Almond
Mrs L Harper
Mrs Y Ludke
Mr & Mrs C Macleod
Mr & Mrs L Barnes
Mr & Mrs R Richardson
Mr & Mrs T Smith
Mr & Mrs P Argent

The Blackbutt Agricultural Show Society gives our condolences to all our deceased member's families, and thank their much loved family members for their contribution to the Blackbutt Show Society. Their efforts over the years have made such a difference to our community and we thank them very much.